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A good story well read is likened to a road well travelled .. carried by the news of hope it brings.

This story is cast in ages , thru repeated ancient history find translation, laid out by determined forces  unseen .. yet shouting from the hills within.

( Fine grain comment ) to  a selected passage, found in the titled section.

(as man cant help but dominate, its fair that horizon is set by a woman) :

She draws a cross in the sand; the horizon is the woman and the vertical, man.

The spirit of the world is the feminine aspect of God. 

The soul is the male aspect of God.

( given each has male and female  (wo)man defines this quasi-state of being ..  or change, flip ..)

( as the mind of (wo)man by performance reflects wisdom, that soul grows by such wisdom )

( spirit in the world, by female breath, manifests thru minds in chorus )

 Eden and Elohim who had given each a part of themselves that now belongs in the material realm.

The overseer represents the masculine. And the Earth is naturally the woman, but, because men have the mind and not the heart, the roles get reversed on the Earth; flipped apart.

(role reversal is common.. shows thru argument, both sexes contain each gender seed, both argue)

So that they run opposite and antagonistic, on different planes, but this is why they are one in the same.    ( they are different points of view )

These two planes mirror each other and are stuck so that when one shifts, the other gets messed up

 ( emotions are unstable, X tries to judge Y , argument is always a loss of self control )

. But, this is why they cannot be without each other’s exchange and why it’s hard to make change.

It’s like fighting yourself;    (its fighting the other trapped inside, we a genetic pair X + Y )

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We all suffer from overwork .. a loss of perspective in the detail ..  is this due to time stress ? usual cause. a latent prejudice (inability to determine) resulting from historical entanglement .. ie : Fraud on Fact .. as adhering to freudian fiction,.. or is it domestic blindness .. too close to ones own work ?

cannot be without exchange ..  why Its hard to make change ..

why jump to conclusions ?

This part is stabilised by wisdom .. which takes time .. it is easy to see primitive state of human development .. huge emotional demands, petulant pride al

same with  .." Men have the mind & not the heart "  & many other assumptions .. mans issues are stupidity, undeveloped emotion, and lack of self control .. same as most women (not all)

many women (with stronger X) are worse than men in not having heart ..  this is an internal X Y battle..  soft men , gay men .. Vs  hardcore women .. etc..

(again,  web code does not permit an edit in progress , past 10min.. annoying feature, when one is in tidy up ,   Phlim or  Phlen, needs better cooking, 2improve code) u have a choice: this life u either burn out trying, or get together with wisdom .. Other hopes are merely superstitions , the proving ground is the one u are standing on.. u are obviously in battle with dilemma , shes an old friend of mine

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