The Grand Patchwork: A New Unified Field Theory in the Making...

A Unified Field is "a theory that describes two or more of the four interactions (electromagnetic, gravitational, weak, and strong) previously described by separate theories" ( It is a theory about how the universe functions, or a theory that explains "the nature and behavior of all matter and energy in existence" (Computer Fundamentals Glossary).

Upon hearing the words Unified Field or Grand Unified Field, most people think of Quantum Physics and Mathematical formulae. Yes, these are certainly important components in creating a Unified Field, but I believe that a Grand Unified Theory should be more than the sum of its parts, in that it should be greater than the mathematical equations and functional models that quantify or make up the field. A Unified Field Theory should be an Emergent quality of the totality of the field and is therefore not reducible back to its parts. It is something new, something more- perhaps even conscious. Because it is a Unified Field Theory, it must be able to understand all fields. The operational definition of field for the purpose of this website is a system. Each field represents a system; a cell being the smallest, most complete system in the corporeal/temporal world and an atom, being the smallest most complete system in the quantum world (see von Bertalnffy’s General Systems Theory for more information regarding the parameters of what is considered a system). But, for navigating this website, the definition of field is also a department of study. Feel free to browse through the various subheadings or pages above. Under each section, as you scroll down, are papers written on relevant topics in those fields. Under ‘the Physic's/Math section’ is my first published attempt at the Grand Patchwork, which actually started with the History and Psychology sections (by physics I mean quantum physics). By Patchwork, I mean to take all the fields and sew them together to understand and commentate on the fabric of experience. However, given the number of dimensions this theory deals with, it is not just sewing fields together in the fabric of experience, but also the fabric of time. Different stages and different levels can be seen as the same, but occurring at different times. It just depends on the level of understanding you are at and how much you are able to understand given your situation and resources.

But, it doesn't end there. This theory also adds direction to that fabric of existence and time: Co-ordinates if you will. Another reason why the title Grand Patchwork fits this theory is because it sews a quilt in the fabric of time. Your unique experiences create the patterns. We are all a patch in the quilt of experience and time. Back to the co-ordinates, picture the directions of a compass. When one is learning about directions of the compass, a mnemonic commonly used to remember the 'ordinates' is NEWS. This really says a lot because we are distracted greatly by the news and tend to take it as truth or at face value. This theory doesn't use this mnemonic, instead it sees the word SEWN. Thinking Holistically is my superpower! :) ;) Enjoy come along for the ride if you will. The theory below is not for the faint of heart and may contain peanuts and gluten. Jk ;) 

The Grand Patchwork not only unites the corporeal world with the quantum world or the world of matter with the world of pure energy, but can unite any and all opposites in a binary. A binary is a system containing two parts, with conceptually opposite variables at each end of a continuum.

                                                   Left         I----------------------------------------------------------I    Right

According to the Grand Patchwork, these opposites have equal power and validation and neither variable is seen as better than the other. This means that you may have to unlearn everything you previously think you know about these sides and look at them with a fresh start. In any binary a dualism can result, which adds a power dynamic between the two variables that places one higher than another and creates a hierarchy. For example, right is usually considered better than left because most people are right handed and the world is subsequently set up to cater to right-handedness. This, should NOT lead to the discrimination of those who are left-handed. There is a huge leap from measuring a representative number of people, finding evidence that people are generally a certain height, to using this information to say that everyone smaller or taller than this average sucks and should not enjoy privilege. This is asinine. All quantitative evidence can tell us is how many and what we are dealing with. Quantitative information alone CANNOT be used to jump to any sort of conclusion or evaluation about the variable(s) involved. This is how stereotypes are created, which can then lead to prejudice, which in turn can lead to discrimination. In the Grand Patchwork, opposites in a binary are merely two options or aspects that deserve equal consideration, whatever problem or quest(ion).  

Plugging variables into this process, which I call the Grand Operational Diagram, means that through the Grand Patchwork’s revolutionary process, ideas like upper and lower, male and female, rational and emotional, religious and secular, left and right, and yes, even gravity and the standard model, all find compromise, resolution, balance and unity. In this way, the Grand Patchwork is not just a theory, but a way of life because it can be used to solve any obstacle. The Grand Patchwork is therefore, a revolutionary way of thinking and organizing information in any given dilemma or situation. Just plug your quest(ion) into the formula. (You may want to copy and paste the diagram below for your personal use if you wish to give it try).

1 and 2 represent the opposites in your binary. If you wish to do a pros and cons list, one must be done for EACH side. Numbers 3 and 4 represent the mediating mechanism that unifies the two realms. It is separated into three aspects (3, 4 and the dot in the middle), even though they are one in the same thing. The number 3 aspect of the mediator assesses differences (the red arrows) and number 4 determines the similarities (the blue arrows). One produces an outward motion and the other, an inward motion. In and out, like a breath they are part of a single organism. Like how two lungs (or hemispheres of the brain) function in a binaristic system, but for the optimal functionality of the entire person or whole body as a unit.

They are numbered 3 and 4 to also distinguish the difference between their movement on another level; that of collective (all available evidence or information about 1 and 2) and the optimal Absolute (or the best available decision/choice between the two options). This is the best possible solution between 1 and 2, which is determined after looking at the available information or differences between them and extracting the useless information or the information that doesn’t relate to the particular question at hand. Through this process, the similarities between 1 and 2 are revealed. 

Some may call this ‘Absolute’ a compromise, but after assessment, it is realized that the similarities between these ‘so called’ opposites, are already there. This is the secret of overcoming binaries and binaristic thinking. Concepts that seem at extreme odds are actually more similar than any variable or gradation in between. Opposites in a binary are so opposite, they are the same. Humans may think they are superior to other animals because we can evaluate one thing as better than another, but this is what I think is our downfall. These assessments are merely subjective, personal opinion and what works best for one person may not work for another. We tend to think that all people think exactly the same way as we do. This is not the case. Therefore, this theory has to remain on the most basic of levels in order to work for everyone and why it is necessary to treat 1 and 2 as equal.

Since the ‘opposites’ set at the extreme ends of a binary are so similar, they are sometimes subject to reversal. Much like the concept of the yin yang, there is some of the other present in each side. Here, the concepts of the sun and moon are united, even though they are considered so opposite, they are like night and day ;)

The dot in the middle of the Grand Operational Diagram would represent the ‘S’ shape and the circle found in this yin yang. It represents the unifying field that is a part of both the corporeal world and the quantum world. It is the force that holds the sides together. It is a field of many particles, not just a single particle. This is where it gets tricky to explain because in looking at particles, we are still dealing with a 'body' of sorts and therefore are still technically focused on the corporeal realm, the world of matter or of bodies. Quantum particle physics is still dealing with matter and has not yet considered or incorporated the idea of a world of pure energy; a world without body. The Grand Patchwork recognizes this and compensates for this conundrum by creating a new diagram. This theory is fluid and flexible and can unite both the corporal and the quantum worlds together by recognizing that a particle is still a type of body and must therefore also consider lumping together the corporeal and quantum worlds under the same category; that of the world of matter. So, here we are moving away from 1 and 2 representing Corporeal and Quantum, to representing the world of Matter and the world of Pure Energy (see below).

In a world of pure energy, matter is not necessary nor is it powerful enough to contain the energy found in this realm. It is very Platonic I suppose, in that there is a realm of perfect forms and an imperfect, finite realm, where many different versions of the perfect form are manifest. Anyway, the Higgs boson is a vessel for some of the energy from the realm of pure energy, but only some of it. The Higgs boson is animated by the energy from the realm of pure energy, much like how our bodies are a vessel animated by energy.

There is a mediating mechanism that is part of the functionality of the Higgs boson making it only the vessel. The force animating this particle fluctuates or oscillates between the worlds of matter and pure energy. The Higgs boson resides in both the world of physical matter and in the quantum world, but what quantum physics does not explain is the 'quantum excitation' of this field and how it works to produce its field. This could be due to the need to have a physical explanation for everything. Unfortunately, the world of pure energy cannot have a purely physical explanation (even though that is exactly what the Grand Patchwork tries to do- yes I see the irony). This is where previous concepts and research come in.

The concept of the Higgs boson has formerly been conceptualized as the tachyion (tachion) or God particle or monad (Spinoza), music of the spheres (Pythagoras) or harmonic quantum oscillator (best name and theory ever. Thank Einstein for that one). These ideas are theories that not only postulate a particle or physical vessel that resides in both the realm of matter and pure energy, but also describe how it mediates between these worlds or its movement between the realms. For example, Einstein’s idea was that the particle oscillates between worlds more like a breath and the idea of the tachyon was that it circles into the world of pure energy (left to right), then back, then reverses back again (right to left). The Higgs boson is merely the particle or vessel for this movement or process and is just the physical or corporeal manifestation of the mechanism explained in the Grand Patchwork. The "mechanism" behind or inside the particle I call_______________psych! You have to wait for that nugget, because if I say the name it will give it away. But, it is the Grand Patchwork's idea of how the unifying particle fluctuates (it explains the quantum excitation of the Higgs boson field) or how it unifies. Let’s call it GT for now. But, the point is that the Higgs boson is the physical manifestation or vessel for the GT or underlying unifying principle or program that is pure energy. Therefore, the Higgs boson is the particle manifestation and the Grand Patchwork’s GT is the wave-like function that unites the world of matter with the world of pure energy. My theory will expand on all these concepts above by discussing the mechanism as simultaneously a particle and a wave. I will get to what the mechanism is and how it works soon enough, but you might wish to put in some time reading around the site first.

The discussion above is all part of being a Universal Field Theory. Without the discussion of the Higgs boson and a unifying field of energy, this would not be a Field theory.

In order to be a Universal Field Theory, all fields should be understood as much as possible or necessary in your given situation or quest(ion). If all fields are seen as equal, on an equal playing field, then they create a field of their own; a collective, universal field. To be a collective field there must be common ground or similarity. If there is equity in this similarity, then on some basic level similarities can be deduced with out bias. Just to recap: We went from determining the boundaries of systems and categorizing the differences between fields, to now unifying them and finding the similarities. Viewing all fields on an equal playing field is important because then, not only similarities but also differences can be quantified/measured or understood without bias. A by-product of this theory is a movement towards the equal validation and collaboration of similarities and differences towards a universal goal; a goal beyond the sum of the parts.

In order to be a Universal Field Theory, it must, on top of understanding the differences and similarities between a representative number of fields, it should then be the Master of them. First the theory must strive to get to the minds and to the greatest minds, then it must strive to stay there. The Theory must be infallible, unfalsifiable and stand the test of time. Like meme theory, the theory must strive to survive; a sort of survival of the fittest for intellectual property. It feeds off the intellectual prowess of the universe.

A Universal Field Theory must not only be heard, but put to the test. The theory must not only survive and be alive, but also be conscious. What if everyone blogged about their experiences in putting this Universal Field Project into play? Everyone or anyone can be the data and the data could be entered into a program where patterns can be found. Where it gets tricky is who interprets it and how can it be interpreted? Welcome to the Grand Patchwork: A Unified Field Theory in the Making. It is always in the making because it is flexible and in flux. Because it is inside and outside of all of us. It is simultaneously complete and in progress. It breathes in and out, with me, with you, with us. 

            A New Grand Unified Field theory is proposed on this website; it is called the Grand Patchwork. When it comes to formulating a Unified Field theory, the biggest obstacle is finding a way to unite the laws of the Corporeal World (Earth, gravity; how objects behave in the temporal/material world), with the laws of the Quantum World (quantum physics; laws that govern how subatomic particles behave). I am going to label the Corporeal World as (1) and the Quantum world as (2). Here I am using 1 and 2, but as of yet, there is no ontological distinction because they are both on an equal playing field (equal or equitable, according to their unique understanding and/or circumstance).   

The Corporeal/Temporal/Material world (whatever you want to call it) has three basic dimensions we understand as width, length and volume, or four dimensions if you include the concept of time as a dimension. Quantum theories postulate more than four. Some theories hypothesize 11, 12 or even 13 dimensions. Theories that imagine multiple dimensions, in my opinion, are on the right track, but still have a hard time conveying what a world with this many dimensions would look like. In my theory, a unifying field uniting multiple dimensions would look like nesting dolls, one inside the other. This idea comes from an idea about spiritual levels in a theory called the Perennial Philosophy (Lorie, 1994). According to this idea, levels "are often represented as a sort of nesting doll with one-way mirrors so that the individual who looks up at the level above, sees only his own being reflected in a mirror while those who inhabit the higher levels can always look down clearly a the levels below them" (Lorie, 1994, p. 48).

Unfortunately, preconceived, automatic patterns of thought prevent us from imagining such a field. For example, there tends to be a bias towards binaristic thinking (thinking in 2’s or opposites), which not only limits our understanding of what it would be like to live in a world with multiple dimensions, but limits our mathematical axioms and capabilities (see the Divided Line Plotted!!! in the Physics/Math section), forcing them into a finite world or structure in which they do not belong. To accommodate this automatic, binaristic thinking, I will use Venn diagrams to explain my theory. Here, we could use a Venn diagram to represent the Perennial Philosophy, which can see multi-dimensions, with a binaristic way of thinking by relating the multi-dimensional approach to the concept of the infinite and the two-dimensional, binaristic approach to the idea of the finite. In my opinion, an Emergent Unified Field Theory would necessitate a unification between the concepts of the finite world with the infinite world.


Many historical figures have joined the quest to unite the world of matter and the world of energy. For example, Pythagoras desired to unite the opposites of limited and unlimited (and/or self and the universe). Pythagoras believed the planets resonated with a dynamic energy called the “music of the spheres” (Porphyry, 1965). In his theory, individuals could learn how to resonate in Harmony with God and the universe, by tuning into the music of the spheres (Benjafield, 2005). In order to achieve this Harmony, one would have to understand the union of the limited and the unlimited. Which the Grand Patchwork calls the finite and the infinite.

    Grand Operational Diagram

Using the Venn diagrams I will unite the temporal/corporeal world with the quantum world by showing how they are connected and how the mechanism connecting them operates. It may be easier to first discuss these worlds as the finite and the infinite, then work my way towards the concepts of the standard model (gravity) and relativity (the quantum world).

Finite and Infinite

           "There are only two things that are infinite, one is the universe, and the other human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the universe" (Einstein).

The key to understanding problems of infinity is to understand that when we try to harness or grasp the concept of the infinite, we tend to want to bring it into the finite, material realm, thus bringing it out of its natural form. In doing this we distort the concept because we are pretending that infinity can be summed up by a finite symbol. For example, drawing the pi symbol or using pi rounded to five decimal places in mathematical formulae.  Another example would be in trying to define the concept of God. When we attempt to do this we distort and limit the actual concept by forcing it into the confines of our finite world, or limited capacities of the human mind. Even language itself runs into a similar problem in describing basic human experiences such as emotions or ‘how we feel.’ Therefore, we have invented other constructs such as art, music and poetry.

By finite, I mean that it is temporary, fleeting and subject to the second law of Thermodynamics (entropy) and therefore decay, disease and death. By infinite, I mean perpetual, eternal and everlasting. If the task is to unite the finite world with the infinite world it is necessary to think outside the 2-dimensional box and make the box more like the Menger’s sponge.


Menger’s sponge is a way of depicting infinity in a finite manner. Even though humans have a hard time comprehending the infinite, we can still understand it enough to depict it through symbols and mathematics; as in the Menger’s sponge, or even the symbol for infinity.

The symbol for pi (3.1415) is another way of depicting infinity in a finite manner. 


            Relating this back to quantum physics, the conundrum of uniting the infinite with the finite can be understood by the observer effect and the split wave experiment because by trying to grasp the infinite, we are thus measuring it and therefore changing the outcome and turning it into something it is not. When energy or light is being measured, it collapses from a wave into a particle.Click here for an explanation of the Double Slit Experiment.

To incorporate this into the Grand Patchwork, I have inserted particle and wave into the Venn diagram.

This dual function is difficult to understand, and is like trying to catch a fish with your bare hands. Because the outcome changes by the act of observing or measuring it, also seems to make the quest to quantify the universe futile because it keeps mutating or wriggling away when we force it into the confines of our finite world. As soon as we think we’ve defined something concisely, the thing we are trying to define has already broken out of the boundaries and changed; thus making it difficult to incorporate it into a Grand Unifying Theory. The definition of reality was defined in a third year university course I took as ‘something that is in constant flux.’ I agree with this definition. By taking the infinite out of its context and into the finite makes nailing down a Grand Unified Field Theory elusive because it keeps resisting the box we keep tying to force it into. For example, it will be soon discovered that the two, binaristic categories will start resisting their confines and want to reverse or be incorporated in each other’s areas; emulating the concept of the Yin Yang.

The idea of the Yin Yang is that we have two ‘opposites’ that contain a portion of the other inside it. This is where the concepts of 3 and 4 come in. Whereas 1 and 2 are reasonably stable and unmoving, the 3 and 4 represent the movement or motion of 1 and 2 or how they interact.



Many historical figures have joined the quest to unite the world of matter and the world of energy. For example, as stated above, Pythagoras desired to unite the opposites of limited and unlimited (and/or self and the universe). Fechner and William James desired to unite science and religion (and/or body and mind/spirit). Freud desired to balance love and work. Plato desired to unite the particulars to the Forms (or the everlasting principles of life). Aristotle tried to locate within the earthly self/body where the forms (or spirit) resided (which eventually lead to quantum physics).

Even though each of these historical figures used different terminology to describe the world of pure energy, each theorist seems to be discussing the same type of energy. For example, energy in its simplest form according to Energy Psychology is referred to as subtle energy (Feinstein, 2008) and its characteristics are almost identical to that of Einstein’s zero-point energy (Einstein, 1956), and Miller’s idea of ether that permeates the universe (DeMeo, 2004). These have striking resemblance to Reich’s (1960/1961), orgone/bioenergy energy and the permeating Panpsychism described by Fechner that postulates consciousness is the field of energy that unites these worlds (Skrbina, 2005). The energy that these researchers are referring to is also compatible with Leibniz’s (1965) theory of monadology and Pythagoras’ music of the spheres. Of course this is not an exhaustive list because figures such as William James, Hegel, Heidegger, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Lu Tzu and Confucius also attempted to unite the world of matter with the world of spirit or pure energy.

All these different theorists from different fields of study are all talking about the same idea or the same type of energy, yet each field has their own terminology. For example, quantum physics may talk about electromagnetism, whereas hard sciences would discuss repulsion and attraction. Psychology would discuss avoidance and attraction preferences. Mathematics would call it adding and subtracting. We could also look at these concepts of matter and energy as two different realms, not just variables in a binary. Plato has the world of Forms and the world of Particulars. Theology would look at it and call it body and spirit, or heaven and earth. Spirituality or metaphysics would see it like upper and lower worlds or Big Being and small being (Heidegger). Whichever way you look at it, it boils down to the same idea, that there is a world of matter and a world of energy. The corporeal world would be the world of matter and the world of pure energy, its counterpart. However, to discuss the Higgs boson I may need to first unite the worlds of the corporeal and quantum. 


Repulsion and Attraction

            Repulsion and attraction we are pretty familiar with. For example, right now you may be either attracted or repulsed to/by my Theory. Anyhow, the concept of repulsion and attraction are important in explaining the interaction of 1 and 2, which is the explanation of 3 and 4 labelled in the Venn diagrams. 

Bar magnets are a good example of the concepts of repulsion and attraction united in the same object. The one pole pushes other magnets away (repulsion) and the other pulls them in (attraction). What is happening in the diagram is both of these forces. Firstly, when on our quest for knowledge, we begin categorizing and labeling. This quest determines the boundaries between things and what makes them different or unique. This is represented by the red arrows. We can only go so far into the detail until we start seeing the similarities. This is represented by the blue arrows. For example, how long can you travel around the world in one direction before you start heading back again?

There is an invisible line or force that causes a reversal at some point along the quest. In this case, the reversal leads to similarities or the discovery of patterns. Looking at this from another perspective, in a courtroom situation, the mediator or judge will assess all the available information from both sides (red arrows) and use this information to help come to a decision regarding the best resolution or course of action (blue arrows). 

So, the mediator or the judge is the Higgs boson, which is a particle that supposedly mediates between the corporeal/temporal world and the world of pure energy. This mediator is dispersed through gravity, which is a field or sticky dense medium.

I thought I would just come out clean about the mysteries of the universe. So here's the nerdy information you have been seeking...

The Higg's boson's movement or "EXCITATION" resembles that of a transducer. GT stands for Grand Transducer

A transducer converts one type of energy (usually chemical or acoustic) into a different format (digital/electrical). This is how the Higg's boson works and behaves,  it acts, not only as a mediator between the corporeal/temporal realm and the realm of pure energy, but also a translator between the different languages so they can be understood by one another. The tower of babel parable is an example of when this transducer malfunctions.

Therefore, something is amplified so the signal can be enhanced, or reach the same level as the other. Our next level of consciousness or our next level of Malchut (world) can be comprehended and reached when all our senses are focused together on a common goal (see the psychology section). If this common goal is for the sake of sharing, then this goal is most likely to be reached. Picture the worlds as nesting, like in the example above.   

The big mystery in QM is how to unite gravity or general relativity with the Standard Model (quantum physics). My proposed solution or suggestion is that Gravity is a field, a big sticky field that surrounds us. Gravity is the medium in which we float. It's the solution!

We eventually bump up against boundaries (that I call too much and too little). These boundaries are one in the same because the 'reversal' discussed above cannot occur unless they share a common ground. For example, if there is too much of one thing, this can produce imbalance and throw the whole system out of whack. Similarly, if there is too little of one thing, it also throws the system out of whack> Therefore, the results are the same either way, imbalance is introduced to the system. Anyway, these boundaries are what we bump up against that creates what Einstein describes as "surface resistance." This surface resistance is experienced because of repulsion from a curved surface. "For Einstein this continuous physical acceleration is caused by resistance against a surface" ( This curved surface is the space-time continuum. When we bump up against this surface, physical acceleration (and generation) is continued. It's ironic because we laugh at flies and bugs when they bump up against mirrors and when birds fly into windows and at cats when they see their own reflection; yet this is what we are doing all the time. We are constantly bumping into the 'firmament' of the next world; seeing a reflection of ourself. We don't always recognize ourself in different forms. Knowing this may help develop our 'self,' help complete our tikkun or help use self actualize.  

Translating this into spiritual terms, this surface, which could be called the time-space continuum is nothing other than the 'firmament' that divides heaven and earth (our physical world 'Malchut' from the next level or dimension 'Zer Ampin'). This phenomenon can also be referred to as the mirror. This is the surface we spiritually bump against that represents our doubts ---> fears, which we mistake as something real or 'other' (the opponent). This opponent is just our own self defeating thoughts and beliefs. I would recommend unlearning these beliefs because this is how death occurs!!!!!!! Through entropy, due to energy loss from bumping up against the firmament, if we cannot extract or produce 'light,' we can tend towards death. Death is not remembering how to produce light (fruit). 

Gravity is therefore nothing more than DEATH. BOOM!!!! Take that Quantum Physics!

In order to create light there needs to be resistance, but when we start to forget how to create light, or extract the light from difficult or challenging situations, entropy sets in. So, the more we bump off the surface and don't extract or produce light from the exchange, we tend towards entropy, evanescence and eventually -death.